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Ipollo G1 Miner Price, Ipollo G1 36GPS 2800W For Sale, born in December 2020, Cuckatoo32 algorithm, maximum hash rate is 36GPS, electricity intake IS 2800W. The complete gadget has a naked size of 158 x 350 x 355mm and a bare weight of nineteen kg, except for the packaging. G1 is likewise one of the heaviest of all Ipollo fashions. The Ipollo G1 is equipped with a traditional fan cooling machine with 4 cooling enthusiasts. The suitable running temperature of the system is five-forty°C, and it’s miles appropriate for operating in an environment of 5-ninety percent air humidity. After taking a look, the noise decibel of the system is 75, in step with the prescribed noise fee range.


ModelIpollo G1


Hashrate, TH/s36GPS

Noise degree75db

ReleaseDecember 2020

Size158 x 350 x 355mm


Ipollo G1 Miner Price, Ipollo G1 36GPS 2800W For Sale, born in December 2020, Cuckatoo32 algorithm, most hash rate is 36GPS, power consumption IS 2800W. The entire machine has a bare length of 158 x 350 x 355mm and a naked weight of 19 kg, aside from packaging. G1 is likewise one of the heaviest of all Ipollo fashions. The Ipollo G1 is prepared with a traditional fan-cooling device with 4 cooling enthusiasts. The suitable working temperature of the device is 5-40°C, and it is suitable for working in surroundings of five-ninety-five percent air humidity. After the check, the noise decibel of the device is 75, in line with the prescribed noise value range.

Specifications of Apollo G1

ManufactureriPolloModelG1Also recognized asNano labs iPollo G1 Grin MinerReleaseDecember 2020Size158 x 350 x 355mmWeight19000gChip boards3Chip nameFinFETChip size12nmChip count30Noise level75dbCoolingFanFan(s)4Power2800WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – forty °CHumidity5 – 95 %

Ipollo G1 is a high-overall performance ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) miner evolved by way of Ipollo, a reputable Chinese employer that makes a specialty in blockchain hardware development. The G1 is one of the modern-day additions to the business enterprise’s mining hardware lineup, which incorporates numerous other fashions, consisting of the G1 Mini and the G1 Pro.

In this introduction, we’ll take a closer look at the Apollo G1 Miner and explore its features, specs, and average performance.

Design and Build

The Ipollo G1 Miner functions a sleek and compact layout, measuring 158 x 350 x 355mm and weighing just 19 kg. The miner is housed in a robust metallic body with a plastic front panel that features an LED show display screen, an energy button, and community ports.

The G1 Miner is ready with 4 powerful cooling fanatics, which might be important for maintaining the miner’s gold standard operating temperature. The lovers are located on the pinnacle of the miner and are designed to expel hot air via the ventilation holes on the perimeters and returned of the miner.

Power Consumption

The Ipollo G1 Miner is one of the maximum strength-efficient ASIC miners in the marketplace, with an electricity intake of just 2800W. This is considerably lower than different mining hardware in its class, which normally consumes over 2800 W.

The miner requires a 220V electricity supply and is derived from a built-in electricity supply unit (PSU) that is capable of delivering as much as 2500 W of strength. The PSU is efficient and reliable, making sure stable and consistent power shipping to the miner.

Hashing Power

The Ipollo G1 Miner is designed to mine cryptocurrencies that use the Cuckatoo32 algorithm, which includes ETC and ECH. The miner is equipped with 12nm ASIC chips, which might be pretty efficient and effective.

The G1 Miner has a hashing energy of 36GPS, making it one of the most powerful miners in the marketplace. The miner achieves this remarkable hash rate using the usage of a combination of 280 ASIC chips, which might be arranged in hash forums.

Mining Efficiency

The Ipollo G1 Miner has an impressive mining efficiency of 45J/TH, which is appreciably decrease than other miners in its magnificence. This means that the miner is capable of mining cryptocurrencies at a decreased value, making it a greater profitable alternative for miners.

In addition to its low strength intake, the G1 Miner is likewise designed to be clean to apply, with a person-friendly interface that makes it clean to configure and monitor the miner. The miner additionally comes with several built-in safety functions, which include over-temperature protection, over-voltage safety, and over-modern-day protection, which assist in ensuring the safety and durability of the miner.

Noise Level

The Ipollo G1 Miner is exceptionally quiet, generating a noise stage of around 75 dB. While this isn’t always the quietest miner in the marketplace,

it is nevertheless a whole lot quieter than other miners in its class, that can produce noise tiers of over 85dB.

The miner’s low noise level is performed via the usage of green cooling fans and a strong metal body that enables it to absorb noise and vibrations.


The Ipollo G1 Miner is well-matched with more than a few mining software programs, inclusive of CGMiner, BFGMiner, and EasyMiner. The miner is likewise like-minded with a range of mining swimming pools,

allowing miners to pick out the pool that quality suits their wishes.

In terms of connectivity, the G1 Miner is ready with Ethernet ports, which allow miners to connect the miner to their local network and configure it using a web-based interface. The miner is likewise well suited with Wi-Fi adapters, which can be used to connect the miner to wireless。


First of all, thank you for your interest in and help of X-ON MINING. To avoid misunderstandings within the manner of buying a miner,

please study all of the following notes cautiously earlier than placing your order. Thank you very lots for your understanding!

1 -Payment

Given the precise dynamics of the miner marketplace, whilst we acquire your fee, the miner’s fee may additionally have been modified and we may additionally want to refund your order. 

We use batch processing for all mining machine orders, and the amount of each batch may be very limited.  Even if the equal sort of mining device is, extraordinary batches of mining device costs aren’t equal.  They’re selling rapidly.  Given the particularly variable market and call for, the fees of inventory miners may additionally vary from daily.  Therefore, there may be an opportunity that by the point we get hold of your price, the price of the mining machine has gone up and we need to refund your order.

2 – About stock miners

The transport date of inventory Ipollo G1 Miner is 3-7 running days. Once we get hold of your order, we will be able to notify our technical middle group of workers to test the system you ordered to make certain it works well. We’ll also send you a video for confirmation. We will ship the gadget to you best when we verify that all the homes of the machine are correct. Then, we will deliver the machine to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill quantity on our internet site and you may get a hold of an in-depth e-mail.

3 – About pre-buy miners

The actual shipping date of the pre-ordered miner depends on the miner delivery date of the manufacturing facility. We will suggest on the order web page the envisioned shipping month of the pre-ordered miner to your attention. However, there may additionally nonetheless be a put off in transport. First, if the manufacturing facility delivery date is not on time, then the delivery of the X-ON MINING Mining gadget may also be not on time. It is also possible that the plant will no longer be able to produce the mining system in the predicted time, wherein case we will system your order for reimbursement.


(1) Inlet water temperature

(2) Caution: Wrong input voltage may additionally in all likelihood motivate the miner’s broken

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