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iBeLink BM-K3 70Th/s 3300W, IBeLink BM-K3 KDA Miner For Sale, Kadena set of rules, most hashrate is 70Th/s, electricity consumption is 3300W. Born in December 2022, the naked size of the whole gadget is 128 x 201 x 402mm. In the case of no longer along with packaging, the bare weight of the machine is 6.6 kg, which is quite mild among all mining machines. The appropriate temperature of the machine is 5-40°C, and it is appropriate for operation in an air humidity of 5-ninety five%. In the proper environment, the mining function can efficaciously guard the elements of the device and improve its carrier lifestyles. After the test, the noise decibel of the device is 74db, that is in step with the stipulated noise price and may be used with no trouble.



Hashrate, TH/s70Th/s


Noise level74db


ReleaseDecember 2022

Size128 x 201 x 402mm


iBeLink BM-K3 70Th/s 3300W, IBeLink BM-K3 KDA Miner For Sale, Kadena set of rules, maximum hash rate is 70Th/s, power consumption is 3300W. Born in December 2022, the naked size of the whole system is 128 x 201 x 402mm. In the case of no longer such packaging, the bare weight of the system is 6.6 kg, which is relatively light among all mining machines. The appropriate temperature of the machine is five-forty°C, and it’s miles appropriate for operation in an air humidity of 5-95%. In the appropriate surroundings, the mining function can correctly defend the parts of the gadget and enhance its carrier life. After the test, the noise decibel of the device is 74db, which is in keeping with the stipulated noise fee and may be used readily.

Specifications of iBeLink BM-K3

ManufactureriBeLinkModelBM-K3ReleaseDecember 2022Size128 x 201 x 402mmWeight6600gNoise level74dbFan(s)4Power3300WVoltage180V-260VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 40 °CHumidity5 – ninety five %Additionnal infosBlake (2s-kadena) algorithm

The iBeLink BM-K3 is a cryptocurrency mining rig designed especially for mining the digital forex called Bytom (BTM). It was first released in April 2018 and quickly won recognition as one of the greenest and most effective miners available on the market. In this newsletter, we can provide creation to the iBeLink BM-K3 miner and explore its functions, specifications, and skills in element.


The iBeLink BM-K3 is a mining rig that is mainly designed to mine the Bytom (BTM) cryptocurrency. It is manufactured by iBeLink, an agency that specializes in generating excessive-performance cryptocurrency mining hardware. The BM-K3 is the 1/3-generation mining rig from iBeLink, and it represents a tremendous improvement over its predecessors in terms of performance and overall performance.

The BM-K3 is an effective mining rig that can produce a hash rate of 5.Five TH/s with a strength intake of just 1,950 watts. This way it’s one of the greenest miners on the market, producing a high hash rate at the same time and consuming extraordinarily little electricity. This makes it an appealing choice for miners who want to maximize their profitability and reduce their running costs.


The iBeLink BM-K3 miner comes with a variety of features that make it a popular choice for miners. Some of its key features consist of:

High Efficiency – The BM-K3 is designed to be exceptionally efficient, with a hash rate of 5.5 TH/s and a strength intake of just 1,950 watts. This approach produces a high hash rate whilst eating fairly little strength, which allows for maximizing profitability.

Reliable – The BM-K3 is a reliable mining rig that is constructed to the ultimate. It is made from tremendous additives and is designed to function 24/7 without any issues.

Easy to Use – The BM-K3 is simple to install and use, with a simple interface that makes it clean for even novice miners to get started.

Stable – The BM-K3 is a stable miner that is designed to run continuously with no crashes or interruptions. This makes it a super choice for miners who want to operate their rigs for lengthy intervals of time.

Compact Design – The BM-K3 has a compact design that makes it smooth to move and set up. It may be without difficulty moved between mining places, which makes it a famous choice for miners who need to operate in multiple locations.


The iBeLink BM-K3 miner has the following specifications:

Hashrate: 70Th/s

Power Consumption: 3300W

Power Supply: ATX Power Supply (not included)

Dimensions: 128 x 201 x 402mm

Weight: 6.6 kg

Cooling: four x 12038 lovers

Network Connection: Ethernet

The BM-K3 uses the Kadena algorithm to mine the Bytom (BTM) cryptocurrency. It is well-matched with maximum mining swimming pools and may be used with a selection of different mining software programs.


The profitability of the iBeLink BM-K3 miner depends on a selection of things, which include the price of the Bytom (BTM) cryptocurrency, the value of strength, and the performance of the miner itself. However, based on cutting-edge marketplace conditions, the BM-K3 is a tremendously profitable miner that can generate widespread revenue for miners.

One of the standout capabilities of the iBeLink BM-K3 Miner is its low electricity consumption. With a strength performance of 100W/TH, the BM-K3 Miner is one of the maximum energy-efficient ASIC miners on the market. This manner that it can mine cryptocurrency and at the same time uses less electricity than many other miners, resulting in decreased operating prices and a better income margin.

High computing electricity and coffee power consumption

In addition to its high performance and coffee power intake, the BM-K3 Miner is also designed with sturdy safety features to protect against hacking and theft. The miner has built-in overheating safety, overcurrent protection, and quick-circuit safety, making sure that it’s miles-safe and dependable to perform.

Setting up the iBeLink BM-K3 Miner is a truthful procedure. After connecting the energy delivery and Ethernet cable, the consumer can get admission to the miner’s net-primarily-based interface to configure the mining settings. The person can specify the mining pool, wallet address, and other settings to optimize the miner’s performance.

The BM-K3 Miner is well-matched with various mining software programs, such as CGminer, BFGminer, and Easyminer, making it smooth to integrate into current mining setups.


Overall, the iBeLink BM-K3 Miner is a fantastic desire for miners seeking to mine cryptocurrencies based on the Kadena set of rules. With its excessive performance, low strength intake,

and robust security functions, the BM-K3 Miner is one of the maximum reliable and efficient ASIC miners available on the market. While it could have a higher in advance value than different mining equipment,

its excessive efficiency and occasional running expenses make it worthwhile funding for serious cryptocurrency miners.


First of all, thank you for your hobby and guide of X-ON MINING.

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1 -Payment

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We use batch processing for all mining machine orders, and the amount of each batch may be very limited.  Even if the identical type of mining machine is, exclusive batches of mining device costs aren’t the same.  They’re promoting fast.  Given the noticeably variable market and call, the prices of stock miners may also vary from day to day.  Therefore, there’s a possibility that by the time we receive your price, the charge for the mining machine has long gone up and we want to refund your order.

2 – About stock miners

The transport date of inventory iBeLink BM-K3 miner is 3-7 working days. Once we receive your order, we will without delay notify our technical center body of workers to check the machine you ordered to make sure it works properly. We’ll additionally send you a video for affirmation. We will send the gadget to you once we confirm that every one of the houses of the device is accurate. Then, we can provide the device to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill wide variety on our website and you may receive a detailed electronic mail.

3 – About pre-buy miners

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(1) Inlet water temperature

(2) Caution: Wrong input voltage may also probable motive miner-damaged

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