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Innosilicon A10 Pro For Sale, Innosilicon A10 Pro 720mh, EtHash algorithm, maximum hash rate is 750Mh/s, electricity consumption is 1350W. Born in December 2020, the complete device’s bare length is 136*285*362mm, within the case of no longer inclusive of packaging, the system naked weight is 8.1Kg, the correct use of the machine temperature is 5-forty five°C, suitable for using humidity is five-95 %, in the suitable temperature for operation, It can efficaciously growth the carrier existence of the system. After the check, the noise value of the system is 75db, in keeping with the prescribed noise price variety, and may be secure to perform.


ModelA10 Pro 500Mh 720Mh


Hashrate, TH/s500Mh 720Mh


Noise level75db

Size316 × 285 × 362mm


Innosilicon A10 Pro For Sale, Innosilicon A10 Pro 720mh, EtHash algorithm, maximum hash rate is 720Mh/s, strength consumption is 1300W. Born in December 2020, the complete device’s naked length is 316 × 285 × 362mmmm, in the case of not including packaging, the gadget’s naked weight is 15, the appropriate use of gadget temperature is five-45°C, the appropriate use of humidity is five-95 %, in the suitable temperature for operation, It can correctly increase the provider life of the machine. After the check, the noise value of the machine is 75db, in step with the prescribed noise value variety, and can be secure to operate.

Specifications of Innosilicon A10

MANUFACTURERInnosiliconMODELA10 Pro (720Mh)


Introduction of A10 Pro

The Innosilicon A10 Pro is a cryptocurrency mining rig designed to mine cryptocurrencies that use the EtHash algorithm. It is manufactured by using Innosilicon, a China-primarily based agency that makes a specialty of designing and manufacturing excessive-overall performance ASICs (Application-Specific Integrated Circuits) for cryptocurrency mining.

The A10 Pro was released in May 2020 and has speedily grown to be one of the maximum famous mining rigs in the marketplace due to its high hash price and electricity performance. It is the successor to the Innosilicon A10, which was also a famous mining rig but turned less electricity-green than the A10 Pro.

powerful Miner A10 Pro

The A10 Pro is to be had in two variations: the A10 Pro+ and the A10 Pro. A10 Pro+ is the greater effective of the two, with a hash fee of 720 MH/s and an electricity intake of 1350W. The A10 Pro, on the other hand, has a hash rate of 500 MH/s and power consumption of 960W. Both variations use the equal ASIC chip, however, the A10 Pro+ has greater chips and a better hash charge as a result.

The A10 Pro uses Innosilicon’s present-day 7nm ASIC chip, which is greater green than the previous 10nm chip used within the A10. This allows the A10 Pro to gain a higher hash price at the same time as using much less power. The A10 Pro additionally capabilities an excessive-overall performance heat dissipation machine that uses dual-fan air cooling to maintain the temperature of the rig at a stable degree.

High hash rate and strength efficiency

In addition to its excessive hash rate and electricity performance, the A10 Pro is likewise person-pleasant and easy to install. It comes with a user-friendly web interface that allows customers to reveal and manage their mining rigs remotely. The interface also affords real-time data on the rig’s hash charge, temperature, and strength consumption.

The A10 Pro is like-minded with a huge variety of mining pools and software, making it smooth for customers to pick the pool and software that nicely suits their wishes. It is likewise compatible with a whole lot of power elements, such as 110V and 220V supplies.


One of the important thing benefits of the A10 Pro is its power efficiency. With an energy intake of just 1350W, it’s miles one of the most power-green mining rigs available on the market. This method may generate an excessive income at the same time as keeping power prices low. The A10 Pro’s high hash fee additionally approaches that it can generate better profits than many other mining rigs.

However, the A10 Pro does have some drawbacks. Firstly, it is costly compared to many other mining rigs available on the market. Secondly, its excessive hash rate approach that it could generate a variety of heat, which may be a hassle if the rig isn’t always stored in a nicely ventilated region. Finally, the A10 Pro’s high power intake manner calls for a terrific power supply, which may be an extra expense for customers.


Overall, the Innosilicon A10 Pro is an excessive-performance mining rig that is properly suited for customers who want to mine cryptocurrencies that use the EtHash algorithm. Its excessive hash charge and strong performance make it a worthwhile desire for users who want to generate high profits from mining, at the same time its user-pleasant interface and compatibility with a wide variety of software programs and electricity resources make it smooth to install and use. However, its excessive charge and ability warmth problems suggest that customers should cautiously bear in mind whether the A10 Pro is the right mining rig for their wishes.

Warranty and after-income service

All Innosilicon A10 pro machines will be tested and certified by factory experts earlier than leaving the manufacturing facility. Our after-income provider coverage is as follows:

Any new/used MINING machine bought from X-ON Mining has a hundred-and-eighty-day warranty opportunity. If you have any other questions, you can contact us immediately. Our expert technical crew will touch you the first time.

If you ship any machines or elements without contacting us, the customer might be responsible for any missing products and any damages.


1. Q: How can I get your rate listing?

A: Please go away your touch way together by Email/Whatsapp/Skype/Trademanager to us. We will contact you and pass our citation sheet to you as soon as viable.

2. Q: When can I get the fee?

A: We typically quote within 12 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very pressing to get the charge, please name us or tell us

in your email so that we can regard your inquiry priority.

three. Q: What are your transport strategies?

If you have a transport agent, we are very inclined to supply your delivery agent consistent with your necessities, if not we will use DHL/UPS to ship the miner, if DHL/UPS can’t attain the deal, we will trade the transport method, please recognize.

four. Q: How much will the Courier freight be for the samples?

A: Courier freight depends on weight and carton size, locations, and different related factors.

five. Q: How lengthy can I assume to get the miner sample?

A: After you pay the sample fee and send us confirmed documents, the samples will be ready for shipping in 2-3 days.

We receive orders from all around the globe each day and have wealthy revel in mining machine export.

We make certain that each mining device can be packaged and sent out with high fines so that it can attract customers without harm.

Please relax confident to buy!

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