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Innosilicon T2T 30T Trice, Tnnosilicon T2T 26Th 30Th, born in January 2021, SHA-256 algorithms, maximum hash rate is 30Th/s, strength intake is 2400W. The naked length of the complete machine is 141*220*391mm. Without packaging, the naked weight of the machine is 9 kg. The working temperature of the machine is five-35°C, and the system may be immediately related to Ethernet for operation. °C, Suitable surroundings can efficiently improve the provider life of the system, after trying it out, the noise decibel of the gadget is 75, in keeping with the prescribed noise value.


ModelT2T 25T/26T/29T/30T

Hashrate, TH/s30Th/s



Noise level72db

ReleaseJanuary 2021

Size141 x 220 x 391mm


Innosilicon T2T 30T Trice, Tnnosilicon T2T 26Th 30Th, born in January 2021, SHA-256 algorithms, maximum hash rate is 30Th/s, power consumption is 2400W. The naked length of the entire machine is 141*220*391mm. Without packaging, the naked weight of the device is 9 kg. The running temperature of the device is 5-35°C, and the system may be without delay linked to Ethernet for operation. °C, Suitable surroundings can efficaciously improve the carrier lifestyles of the device, after trying it out, the noise decibel of the system is 75, in line with the prescribed noise price.

Specifications of Innosilicon T2T

ManufacturerInnosiliconModelT2 Turbo 29T/30TAlso recognized asT2T-25T/26T/29T/30TReleaseJanuary 2021Size141 x 220 x 391mmWeight9000gNoise level72dbCooling2Fan(s)75Power2400WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 35 °CHumidity5 – eighty five %

Introduction of Innosilicon T2T

Innosilicon T2T is a completely solid, efficient, and durable model. Since its birth, it has been in demand by way of many miners. If you have any hobby in Innosilicon T2T, please feel free to consult us and we can give you a nice quotation.

Innosilicon T2T is an excessive-overall performance cryptocurrency mining tool that is particularly designed for mining Bitcoin. Launched in 2018, the T2T is the contemporary addition to Innosilicon’s mining product line and is one of the most efficient and powerful mining gadgets available on the market these days.

High hash electricity Low strength intake

The T2T is powered through Innosilicon’s proprietary Terminator 2 (T2) ASIC chip, which is designed to supply the most hash power with minimal energy intake. The T2 chip is manufactured using TSMC’s advanced 16nm FinFET generation, which provides the device with the electricity and performance required to mine Bitcoin at the finest fee.

The T2T can hand over a hash charge of up to twenty-five-30TH/s, which makes it one of the most powerful Bitcoin mining devices available. The device is also extremely strength green, ingesting the most effective 2000-2400W of power, which is notably lower than many different Bitcoin mining gadgets.

In addition to its fantastic hash charge and strength performance, the T2T is likewise designed to be extremely user-friendly. The tool functions as an intuitive interface that makes it smooth to install and use, even for folks who are new to cryptocurrency mining.


One of the important thing advantages of the T2T is its flexibility. The tool can be used for mining Bitcoin as well as a whole lot of other cryptocurrencies, along with Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum. This versatility makes the T2T an appealing alternative for miners who want to diversify their mining sports and generate earnings from multiple sources.

The T2T also layout to be surprisingly reliable and durable. Innosilicon makes use of the handiest superb components inside the device, and each unit undergoes rigorous checking out earlier than being shipped to clients. The T2T is additionally equipped with several safety features, which include overheating safety and overvoltage safety, to make certain that the device operates properly and reliably.

Another advantage of the T2T is its compact size. The tool is pretty small and can be without problems transported, making it perfect for miners who need to transport their system frequently or who want to install a mining operation in a small space.

In terms of profitability, the T2T is an enormously appealing choice for miners. The device has a tremendously low advance value, and its power performance approach may generate widespread returns over time. Of direction, the profitability of mining Bitcoin and different cryptocurrencies is a challenge to market conditions, and miners should constantly do their studies before investing in mining devices.

Overall, the Innosilicon T2T is an outstanding cryptocurrency mining tool that gives various benefits to miners. With its high hash charge, strong performance, consumer-pleasant interface, and reliability, the T2T is an excellent choice for miners who need to maximize their mining income while minimizing their power costs and equipment costs. Whether you’re a seasoned cryptocurrency miner or just getting started, the T2T is genuinely worth thinking about as your next mining device.


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A: Courier freight depends on weight and carton size, destinations, and other associated factors.

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A: After you pay the sample price and ship us the confirmed documents, the samples may be prepared for shipping in 2-three days.

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