Buy Whatsminer M36s 124Th/s 130Th/s 38J/T


Whatsminer M36s 124Th/s 130Th/s 38J/T For Sale, BTC/BCH, SHA256 algorithm, maximum hashrate is 124Th/s, power consumption is at least 3306W, The naked size of the whole machine is 267.5*147*401mm, and the weight of the naked machine is 16Kg. After packaging, the weight is about 17 kg.  The suitable operating temperature of the machine is about 5-40℃, outside this temperature range may damage the machine parts.

Manufacturer Microbt
Model Whatsminer M36s
Hashrate, TH/s 124Th/s 130Th/s
Power 3306W
Size 267.5mmX147mmX401mm
Weight 16Kg

The price of the product changes from time to time. The price may be low or high.  Please consult us for the specific price, the best price in the market…                          Please contact us to calculate the freight before payment. 

Whatsminer M36s 124Th/s 130Th/s 38J/T For Sale, BTC/BCH, SHA256 set of rules, most hashrate is 124Th/s, electricity intake is at the least 3306W, The naked length of the whole machine is 267.5*147*401mm, and the load of the bare machine is 16Kg. After packaging, the weight is about 17 kg. The appropriate operating temperature of the device is 5-forty℃, outside this temperature variety might also damage the machine parts.

Specifications of Whatsminer M36S

ManufacturerMicroBTModelWhatsminer M36SHashrate124Th/s 130Th/sSize267.5*147*401mmweight internet weight16kgpower supplyAC380VMinable coinsBTC/BCHPower3306WVoltage12VTemperature5-40℃

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First of all, thank you for your hobby and assistance with X-ON MINING. To keep away from misunderstandings regarding the manner of purchasing a miner, please read all of the following notes cautiously before placing your order. Thank you very lots for your know-how!


Given the particular dynamics of the miner market, while we receive your fee, the miner’s price may also have been modified and we may also want to refund your order. 

We use batch processing for all mining device orders, and the amount of every batch may be very limited.  Even if the identical type of mining gadget is, specific batches of mining machine charges are not identical.  They’re promoting fast.  Given the tremendously variable marketplace and call for, the costs of inventory miners may also range from each day.  Therefore, there may be an opportunity that by the point we obtain your charge, the fee of the mining system has long passed up and we need to refund your order.

2– About stock miners

The transport date of inventory Whatsminer M36s is 3-7 working days. Once we acquire your order, we can notify our technical middle workforce to check the system you ordered to ensure it works nicely. We’ll additionally ship you a video for confirmation. We will ship the gadget to you after we verify that each one of the residences of the gadget is accurate. Then, we will provide the gadget to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill range on our internet site and you will get hold of an in-depth email.

three– About pre-buy miners

The actual delivery date of the pre-ordered miner depends on the miner delivery date of the manufacturing unit. We will suggest on the order web page the anticipated delivery month of the pre-ordered miner to your attention. However, there can also nonetheless be a delay in transport. First, if the factory transport date is behind schedule, then the delivery of the Btcminingstores Mining device can also be behind schedule. It is likewise possible that the plant will no longer be capable of producing the mining gadget in the anticipated time, in which case we will system your order for money back.


(1) Inlet water temperature

(2) Caution: Wrong enter voltage might also probably purpose miner-damaged

Buy Whatsminer M36s 124Th/s 130Th/s 38J/T

Buy Whatsminer M36s 124Th/s 130Th/s 38J/T

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