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Antminer S17+ 73rd, Bitmain Antminer S17+ For Sale, born in December 2019, SHA-256 set of rules, most hashrate 73th/s, power consumption is 2920W. The naked length of the S17+ mining device is a hundred seventy-five*298*304 mm, and the load of the system is eleven kg. In phrases of the S17 series fashions, the burden of the S17+ remains surprisingly heavy. The device uses the fan heat dissipation approach of the S17 series, prepared with 4 hurricane enthusiasts for heat dissipation, so its warmth dissipation overall performance is excellent. The appropriate working temperature of the gadget is five-forty five°C. After checking out, the noise decibel of the machine is 75. Compared with the fashions of the S17 series, the noise of the S17+ is exceedingly small, so the miners can rest assured of using it.


ModelAntminer S17+ 73Th/s



Hashrate, TH/s73Th/s


Noise stage75db

ReleaseDecember 2019


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Antminer S17+ 73rd, Bitmain Antminer S17+ For Sale, born in December 2019, SHA-256 set of rules, maximum hashrate 73th/s, power consumption is 2920W. The bare length of the S17+ mining machine is one hundred seventy-five*298*304 mm, and the weight of the gadget is eleven kg. In terms of the S17 series models, the load of the S17+ continues to be exceptionally heavy. The system uses the fan warmth dissipation technique of the S17 collection, geared up with four storm fanatics for heat dissipation, so its warmness dissipation performance is also very good. The appropriate working temperature of the system is five-45°C. After testing, the noise decibel of the device is 75. Compared with the fashions of the S17 collection, the noise of the S17+ is surprisingly small, so the miners can rest confident to apply it.

Specifications of Antminer S17+ 73Th/s

ManufacturerBitmainModelAntminer S17+ 73ThAlso acknowledged as266-AaReleaseDecember 2019Size175 x 298 x 304mmWeight11000gNoise level75dbFan(s)4Power2920WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature5 – 45 °CHumidity5 – ninety five %

The Antminer S17+ is an excessive-overall performance ASIC miner advanced via Bitmain, a leading producer of mining hardware. The S17+ is designed to provide efficient mining overall performance, making it a famous choice for cryptocurrency miners around the sector.

In this advent, we will explore the functions, specifications, and ordinary performance of the Antminer S17+.

Power Consumption

The Antminer S17+ is a strength-green miner that consumes 36W/T of electricity, making it one of the maximum energy-green miners in the marketplace.

The miner requires a 220V energy supply and comes with a built-in energy supply unit (PSU) capable of delivering up to 2920W of strength.

Mining Efficiency

The Antminer S17+ has a mining performance of 39. Five J/TH, which is highly low in comparison to a few other miners in the marketplace. However, the S17+ continues to be a highly efficient miner, and its low power intake facilitates offsetting the decrease in mining efficiency.


The Antminer S17+ is an extraordinarily green and powerful miner, able to deliver superb mining overall performance. The miner’s excessive hashrate and coffee power consumption make it a famous desire amongst miners seeking to maximize their income whilst minimizing their power expenses.

The S17+ makes use of advanced 7nm ASIC chips, that are especially efficient and effective, permitting the miner to reap a hashrate of seventy-three TH/s. This excessive hashrate makes the S17+ one of the maximum powerful miners available on the market, and it’s miles well-suitable for mining cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm.

In addition to its high hashrate, the Antminer S17+ is likewise exceedingly green, ingesting simply 36W/T of strength. This low electricity intake helps to lessen strength costs, making the miner extra worthwhile for miners.

Bitmain Antminer S17+ Appearance

The standard fee of logistics warehousing, the specification, and model of the mining device, and the barcode identity code, inclusive of the weight of the box is set 11KG.

The best difference between every model is that a label uploaded under the barcode of the mining machine,

which has been certified by way of the technical regulations of the Customs Union to make certain product protection unified requirements and certification of requirements.

The interior is encapsulated with the aid of a custom-designed Tiandi cover pearl foam mining machine, and there are gaps around the periphery to facilitate the choice and area of the mining machine. The internal of the box is likewise geared up with a mining device qualification certificate and multi-national language instructions, which is handy for miners in diverse nations to recognize the distinct operation.

There is likewise an anti-static protection within the miner for improved safety. The internet weight of the Bitmain Antminer S17+ 76T is nine 8KG and the scale is 298*178*304mm. At a tough look, the Bitmain Antminer S17+ is not an awful lot different from other S17 collection mining machines.

The mining gadget makes use of an all-in-one system design with the front and rear twin exhaust air and parallels dual enthusiasts.

Bitmain Antminer S17+ 76T Detailed Review

Antminer S17+ 76T adopts ultra-high integration, the complete device has an integrated layout, the changes of the mining gadget want to research from the info, we can analyze the general info of the mining machine by using dismantling.

Dashboard Details

The manipulated panel cover combines the layout of Antminer S9SE and Antminer B7, combining buttons and screws, abandoning the sliding cowl layout of B7, and changing to a flip cover design, that’s much more handy, doing away with the screws, pressing and maintaining the button up to open the lid.

Location details of the energy connection tabs

Bitmain Antminer S17+ 76T adopts a completely wrapped body design, so the cable of the system isn’t always uncovered. Due to the alternate of the chassis, the cover of the control board and the cover of the electricity delivery are separated, so that an extra shell-deploy at the location of the energy connection piece, and the shell is constant with snaps and screws.

Buy Profitable Used Antminer S17+ 73th CryptoBuy Profitable Used Antminer S17+ 73th Crypto

Power Details

The Bitmain Antminer S17+ 76T is geared up with an APW9+ strength supply, providing 12.3V, 14.Five-21V DC voltage, rated energy of 3600W, and a maximum rated cutting-edge of 170A.

The APW9+ electricity delivers PFC and PWM output of Antminer S17+ 76T can increase the existence of additives and beautify reliability, and use 3 fans to deliver air to provide active cooling for the strength supply. The APW9+ strength supply has a compact structure and twin inputs can reduce the power consumption and safety risks of heating the enter cable socket.

fan information

The fan is the heat dissipation guarantee of the Antminer S17+de. The whole gadget makes use of 4 fans in double parallel to offer heat dissipation, and the case fixes within the form of snaps and screws.

Bitmain formally stated that the Antminer S17+ 76T adopts a deeply customized and optimized cooling solution,

which reduces losses through subtle temperature control,

making the operation of the miner greater efficient and stable. This reflects inside the fan, the air inlet, and the outlet of the miner. The present-day of fans is one of a kind.

The cutting-edge air inlet is two.7A, while the modern fan on the air outlet is three.14A, which is not a good deal distinct but reflects the refinement of the design.

deploy the baffle makes use of an exceedingly complex casting procedure, and uses a sponge as a buffer cloth at the contact floor with the hash board to reduce the impact of the mining machine on the hash board and the casing all through transportation.

Dashboard info

After disassembling the fan, you may see the computing power board. The Antminer S17+ 76T has three built-in computing strength forums,

and the 3 computing energy forums are all hooked up inside the chassis through the fitted card slots. Each hash board incorporates sixty-five 7nm chips, and the 3 hash boards have a total of 195 chips.

Both aspects of the hash are covered with the stainless-steel heat sink of different lengths. The warmness sink at the air inlet facet is shorter and greater dispersed,

and the length and density of the air outlet side are extra. Maybe that is the intensity of the Antminer S17+ 76T. Customized and optimized warmth dissipation design, direction, and greater details meditated in software program manipulation.

Antminer S17+ 76T shell details evaluation

The chassis of the Antminer S17+ 76T is not a one-piece die-casting structure but it divides into components. The two sides shape separately after which connect via the card slot to form the purpose. This shape makes the miner lie flat. As a result, the miner will tilt a little,

This explains why there are 4 pads protected within the package deal. The chassis is manufactured from aluminum alloy, and it’s far unusual for the internal wall to reveal a rainbow-like shade.

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