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Whatsminer M33s++ 226T 31J/Th For Sale, SHA-256 algorithm, most hashrate is 226Th/s, strength consumption is 6820W, The bare length of the whole system is 86*482.6*650mm, the bare weight of the gadget is 27.5Kg, the burden after packaging is ready 30Kg, the energy intake ratio of the device is ready 31J/T, the Ethernet connection may be used, which could be very handy. In addition, the device desires to work at 5-eighty fivep.CRH to keep away from machine damage.


ModelWhatsminer M33S+ 226T/228T/230T/232T/234T/236T


Hashrate, TH/s226Th/s




Whatsminer M33s++ 226T 31J/Th For Sale, SHA-256 set of rules, maximum hashrate is 226Th/s, power intake is 6820W, The bare length of the entire device is 86*482.6*650mm, the naked weight of the machine is 27.5Kg, the burden after packaging is about 30Kg, the strength consumption ratio of the gadget is set 31J/T, the Ethernet connection may be used, which may be very handy. In addition, the device needs to be painted at five-85%RH to keep away from device harm.

Specifications of Whatsminer M33s++

ManufacturerMicroBTModelWhatsminer M33s+ 226T/228T/230T/232T/234T/236THashrate216T ±10p.CPower Ratio31 J/T ± 5percentPower On Wall6820W ± 10percentPSUAC380V, 3W+ ground, enter 10kwSize86mm*482.6mm*650mmWorking humidity:fivepercentRH~85p.CRH (non-condensing)WeightNet weight:27.5kg Weight with packaging substances:30kgStorage humidity:5p.CRH~ninety fivepercentRH (non-condensing)Coolant demand in keeping with machineAbout 1LLong-time period garage humidity:30percentRH~69p.CRH (no condensation)Internet ConnectionsEthernet

Introduction of Whatsminer M33S++

The Whatsminer M33s++ is an effective Bitcoin mining machine that has gained a reputation among miners because of its excessive hashrate, low power intake, and relatively low-priced charge. In this newsletter, we can introduce the Whatsminer M33s++ in detail, such as its features, specs, and performance.

Features and Specifications

The Whatsminer M33s++ is an SHA-256 ASIC miner that is designed to mine Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies that use the identical mining algorithm. It is synthetic by way of MicroBT, a Chinese organization that is recognized for generating extremely good mining gadgets.

The M33s++ has a hashrate of 242TH/s, which means that it can solve complicated mathematical algorithms 242 trillion times according to 2nd. This is an impressive hashrate that makes the M33s++ one of the most effective Bitcoin miners available on the market. It has a strength consumption of 7260W, which is tremendously low compared to its hashrate.

The Whatsminer M33s++ has a noise stage of 40dB, which is fantastically loud. It is suggested to function the system in a well-ventilated room with proper soundproofing to keep away from annoying others. The M33s++ weighs 27.5 kg and measures 482 x 650 x 86mm, making it a rather large device.

The M33s++ has a built-in net control interface that allows users to configure and reveal the machine remotely. It additionally has a high-decision LCD screen that shows actual-time facts consisting of hashrate, temperature, and energy consumption.


The Whatsminer M33s++ is an especially efficient Bitcoin miner that provides amazing overall performance. With a hashrate of 242TH/s, it may mine Bitcoin and different SHA-256 cryptocurrencies at an excessive pace. It uses the present-day 7nm ASIC chip technology, which provides a high hashrate while ingesting enormously low energy.

The M33s++ has a strength efficiency of 30 J/TH, which is a notably low power intake fee in comparison to different Bitcoin miners on the market. This approach that the gadget consumes much less energy even as turning in a high hashrate, making it an exceedingly worthwhile mining system.

The M33s++ has a temperature control device that guarantees the system operates at a foremost temperature. It has an integrated cooling gadget that uses high-pace fans to burn up warmth generated for the duration of mining. The gadget also has a built-in temperature sensor that video displays units the temperature of the device and adjusts the fan pace as a consequence.

The M33s++ has a solid and dependable mining performance that ensures a regular flow of earnings for miners. The device is easy to set up and function, and its internet management interface allows customers to monitor and configure the machine remotely.


The Whatsminer M33s++ is a tremendously green and powerful Bitcoin mining machine that grants extraordinary overall performance. With a hashrate of 242TH/s and an energy intake of 7260W, it is one of the maximum efficient Bitcoin miners in the marketplace. Its temperature manipulation device and integrated cooling device make certain that the device operates at a premiere temperature, whilst its net control interface permits users to configure and reveal the gadget remotely.

The M33s++ is extraordinary funding for miners who are searching for a powerful and green Bitcoin miner that gives you an excessive hashrate while eating extraordinarily low power. It is incredibly less costly compared to other Bitcoin miners with similar specifications, making it an exquisite value for cash.

First of all, thanks for your interest in and support of X-ON MINING. To keep away from misunderstandings within the method of purchasing a miner, please study all of the following notes carefully earlier than placing your order. Thank you very a great deal for your information!


Given the specific dynamics of the miner market, while we acquire your charge, the miner’s rate might also have been modified and we might also want to refund your order. 

We use batch processing for all mining machine orders, and the amount of each batch could be very restricted.  Even if the equal kind of mining system is, one-of-a-kind batches of mining system charges are not the same.  They’re promoting rapidly.  Given the extraordinarily variable marketplace and call, the costs of stock miners may vary every day.  Therefore, there is an opportunity that by the time we receive your fee, the price of the mining gadget has long gone up and we want to refund your order.

2– About stock miners

The shipping date of stock Whatsminer M33S++ is three operating days. Once we obtain your order, we can without delay notify our technical middle personnel to test the system you ordered to make sure it works well. We’ll additionally ship you a video for affirmation. We will send the gadget to you handiest once we confirm that all the homes of the system are correct. Then, we will deliver the system to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill number on our internet site and you will get hold of an in-depth e-mail.

three– About pre-purchase miners

The actual transport date of the pre-ordered miner relies upon the miner delivery date of the manufacturing facility. We will suggest on the order page the predicted transport month of the pre-ordered miner for your attention. However, there can also nevertheless be a postponement in delivery. First, if the manufacturing facility shipping date is delayed, then the shipping of the X-ON MINING Mining gadget may also be behind schedule. It is also feasible that the plant will now not be able to produce the mining system within the anticipated time, wherein case we can technique your order for a refund.


(1) Inlet water temperature

(2) Caution: Wrong enter voltage may probably cause miner-damaged

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