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IceRiver Miner KS1 For Sale, New KS1 Miner 1TH 600W Mining Machine Coming Soon Arrive in July. The KAS HASHRATE of the gadget is 1TH/S(±10%), the WALL POWER is 600W/h(±10%), the bare machine size of the gadget is 370×195×290(mm).


ModelKS1 Miner


Hashrate, TH/s1TH/S(±10%)


IceRiver Miner KS1 For Sale, New KS1 Miner 1TH 600W Mining Machine Coming Soon Arrive in July. The KAS HASHRATE of the machine is 1TH/S(±10%), the WALL POWER is 600W/h(±10%), the bare gadget size of the device is 370×195×290(mm), and the bare device weight of the gadget is 12.5Kg. The appropriate use temperature of the system is zero degrees Celsius, and the correct use surroundings can effectively increase the provider cycle of the gadget.

Specification of IceRiver KS1 Miner


Introduction of IceRiver KS1 Miner:

As the cryptocurrency industry continues to adapt, mining machines play a pivotal position in the technique of extracting digital assets. IceRiver KS1 Miner, a present-day mining gadget introduced in 2023, has emerged as a recreation-changer in the global of crypto mining. With its astonishing specs and choicest performance, the KS1shi is set to revolutionize the mining landscape.

Key Features:

The IceRiver KS1 Miner boasts numerous noteworthy functions that make it a powerful contender within the mining market. Firstly, it offers a top-notch KAS HASHRATE of 1TH/s (±10%), ensuring excessive-speed processing and efficient mining operations. This superior hashing power allows miners to maximize their profitability while mining cryptocurrencies.

Power Efficiency:

One of the standout factors of the KS1Miner is its first-rate strength performance. With a WALL POWER consumption of 600W/h (±10%), this mining gadget moves the most effective stability between performance and strength intake. Miners can extensively lessen their energy expenses without compromising on the mining talents, making the KS1shi an economically attractive preference.

Compact Design:

The KS1Miner reveals a compact design, measuring 370×195×290mm (without packaging) and weighing 12.5kg. Its small footprint allows for convenient installation and operation, even in space-limited environments. Miners can without difficulty install a couple of devices for more advantageous mining energy without requiring immoderate space allocation.

Temperature Adaptability:

Designed to withstand varying environmental situations, the IceRiver Miner KS1shi operates effectively within a temperature range of 0 to 35 levels Celsius. This adaptability ensures solid overall performance and extends the device’s lifespan. Miners can function the KS1shi in various geographical regions without annoying temperature fluctuations impacting mining performance.


The IceRiver KS1 Miner represents a tremendous development in the cryptocurrency mining era. Its incredible KAS HASHRATE, strength efficiency, compact design, and temperature adaptability make it an appealing choice for miners searching for the finest performance and profitability. As the mining industry continues to conform, the KS1shi is poised to steer the next era of mining machines, riding the performance and productivity of crypto mining to new heights.

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