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Jasminer X4 BRICK For Sale, Jasminer X4 BRICK Price, born in December 2021, EtHash set of rules, most hash rate is 65Mh/s, electricity intake is 30W. The Jasminer X4 BRICK has a bare size of 257 x one hundred x 200mm and a naked weight of four. Eight kg without packaging. It could be very lightweight. At once linked to the Ethernet may be used for operation. Its warmth dissipation mode is Fanless, after checking out, the noise cost of the gadget is 50db, and the noise decibel could be very small, suitable for domestic or office use. The suitable running temperature of this gadget is 5-40°C, which is for use in 5-95% air humidity. The correct running surroundings can boost the carrier cycle and efficiency of the machine.


ModelJasminer X4 Brick

Hashrate, TH/s65Mh/s


Noise stage50db

ReleaseDecember 2021

Size257 x a hundred x 200mm


Jasminer X4 BRICK For Sale, Jasminer X4 BRICK Price, born in December 2021, EtHash algorithm, maximum hash rate is 65Mh/s, electricity intake is 30W. The Jasminer X4 BRICK has a bare size of 257 x 100 x 200mm and a bare weight of four. Eight kg without packaging. It is very lightweight. At once related to the Ethernet can be used for operation. Its heat dissipation mode is Fanless, after trying it out, the noise cost of the machine is 50db, and the noise decibel could be very small, appropriate for home or office use. The suitable working temperature of this system is five-40°C, which desires to be used in five-95% air humidity. The correct operating surroundings can correctly increase the provider cycle and efficiency of the gadget.

Specifications of Jasminer X4 BRICK

ManufacturerJasminerModelJasminer X4 BRICK MinerAlso recognized asSUNLUNE JASMINER X4 ETCHASH BRICKReleaseDecember 2021Size257 x 100 x 200mmWeight4800gNoise level50dbCoolingFanlessPower30WInterfaceEthernetMemory5GTemperature5 – forty °CHumidity5 – 95 %

Introduction of Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner

Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is a powerful cryptocurrency mining machine that has won an extensive reputation in the world of mining. This device is designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm which includes Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and lots of others. The Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is synthetic through Jasminer, a business enterprise that specializes in the manufacturing of cryptocurrency mining systems.

One of the main functions of the Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is its excessive hash rate, which is the rate at which the device can solve complex mathematical equations required for mining cryptocurrencies. The Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner has a hash rate of 3. Five TH/s, because of this it can remedy 3. Five trillion hashes are consistent with the second. This makes it one of the maximum effective mining machines on the market, capable of producing massive income for its users.

Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner’s cooling device

The Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner additionally features a sophisticated cooling device that guarantees the device runs easily and efficiently. The cooling device includes multiple fans and a heatsink that holds the temperature of the device at an ideal degree, stopping it from overheating and potentially unfavorable to the hardware. The cooling gadget also helps to increase the lifespan of the device, permitting it to be used for longer periods.

Advantages of Jasminer X4 BRICK

Another crucial feature of the X4 BRICK Miner is its low strength consumption. The tool consumes only 1400W of strength, which is incredibly low in comparison to different mining machines with similar hash rates. This low-strength intake manner that the tool may be utilized in a variety of settings, such as domestically, without inflicting a big growth in energy bills.

The X4 BRICK Miner is also user-pleasant, with an easy and intuitive interface that lets even novices start mining cryptocurrencies. The tool comes pre-configured with mining software, making it clean to install and begin mining properly away. The tool also features faraway monitoring and management competencies, which permit customers to reveal their mining operations from a remote location and modify settings as wished.

In phrases of constructing exceptional, the Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is constructed with first-rate substances that can be designed to face up to the trials of continuous use. The tool is built with a durable aluminum body and features first-rate components, consisting of ASIC chips and power elements, that are constructed to final.

Overall, the Jasminer X4 BRICK Miner is a powerful and reliable cryptocurrency mining system that offers a high hash charge, low energy intake, advanced cooling machine, consumer-friendly interface, and sturdy construction. It is a famous preference amongst cryptocurrency miners who are seeking out a system that can supply high performance and generate enormous earnings.

First of all, thanks to your hobby in and aid of X-ON MINING. To avoid misunderstandings within the technique of purchasing a Jasminer X4 BRICK miner, please read all of the following notes carefully earlier than placing your order. Thank you very much for your information!

1 -Payment

Given the precise dynamics of the miner marketplace, when we get hold of your payment, the miner’s fee may have changed and we may also want to refund your order. 

We use batch processing for all mining gadget orders, and the amount of every batch may be very constrained.  Even if the identical sort of mining machine is, distinctive batches of mining system prices are not equal.  They’re selling speedy.  Given the relatively variable marketplace and call for, the expenses of stock miners may vary daily.  Therefore, there may be an opportunity that by the time we receive your charge, the price of the mining system has long past up and we need to refund your order.

2 – About stock miners

The delivery date of inventory X4 BRICK Miner is 3-7 working days. Once we get hold of your order, we can without delay notify our technical middle body of workers to test the device you ordered to make certain it works nicely. We’ll also ship you a video for confirmation. We will ship the device to you simplest when we affirm that all the homes of the device are correct. Then, we will supply the gadget to our freight forwarder. We will replace the waybill quantity on our internet site and you may get a hold of an in-depth e-mail.

3 – About pre-buy miners

The actual transport date of the pre-ordered miner relies upon the miner delivery date of the manufacturing facility. We will indicate on the order page the estimated delivery month of the pre-ordered miner to your attention. However, there may additionally nonetheless be a delay in transport. First, if the factory transport date is not on time. Then we can additionally put off the delivery of the X-ON MINING Mining system. It is likewise feasible that the plant will no longer be capable of producing the mining system in the anticipated time, wherein case we will method your order for a refund.


(1) Inlet water temperature

(2) Caution: Wrong input voltage may in all likelihood reason the miner’s broken

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