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Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s FOR SALE, 2 algorithms (Scrypt), the gadget has a hash rate of 420Mh/s and a power of 400W. In the case of now not which include packaging, the bare length of the gadget is 178 x 150 x 84mm, and the naked weight is two.3Kg


ModelGoldshell Mini dog 2

ReleaseMarch 2023

Hashrate, TH/s420Mh/s


Noise level35db

Size178 x a hundred and fifty x 84mm


Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s FOR SALE, 2 algorithms (Scrypt), the device has a hash rate of 420Mh/s and an electricity of 400W.

In the case of now not which includes packaging, the naked size of the system is 178 x a hundred and fifty x 84mm, the naked weight is 2.3Kg,

and the system is prepared with a traditional fan cooling design, after trying out, the noise of the device is 35db, the noise could be very small,

can assist in the domestic, workplace use. The suitable use temperature of the system is five-35°C, suitable for use at five-65% ambient humidity,

and the best-use surroundings can successfully increase the carrier cycle of the gadget.

Description of Goldshell Mini Doge II

ManufacturerGoldshellModelMini-DOGE IIAlso regarded asMINI DOGE 2ReleaseMarch 2023Size178 x 150 x 84mmWeight2300gNoise level35dbFan(s)2Power400WInterfaceEthernet / WIFITemperature5 – 35 °CHumidity5 – 65 %

Are you an avid cryptocurrency miner or a passionate fanatic looking to delve into the world of digital currencies?

If so, you’ve likely heard about the Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s, an effective and efficient ASIC miner designed specially for mining Dogecoin.

In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a complete creation of the Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s, exploring its capabilities,

blessings, and how it could beautify your mining experience.


The Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s is a complicated ASIC miner developed by way of Goldshell, a leading producer in

the sector of cryptocurrency mining gadgets. Designed mainly for mining Dogecoin, this compact

and effective miner packs a punch with its astonishing hash rate of 420 mega hashes in step with 2nd (420Mh/s).

With its green performance and optimized power intake, the Mini Doge II 420Mh/s is a treasured device for mining fans in search of maximizing their returns.

Key Features and Benefits

  1. High Hashrate: The Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s boasts an outstanding hash rate of 420Mh/s, allowing miners to manner a widespread variety of computational operations in keeping with 2nd. This high hash rate translates into faster block validation, growing the possibilities of income rewards inside the shape of Dogecoins.
  2. Efficient Power Consumption: Efficiency is a vital aspect of any mining operation, and the Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s excels in this regard. With its optimized strength intake, this miner promises an exquisite hash rate-to-strength ratio, ensuring that you can mine Dogecoins efficaciously at the same time as minimizing strength costs.
  3. Compact and User-Friendly Design: The Mini Doge II 420Mh/s features a compact shape component, making it perfect for both domestic-primarily based and expert mining setups. Its consumer-friendly layout, intuitive interface, and easy setup system enable miners of all ranges of expertise to begin mining Dogecoin speedy and effortlessly.
  4. Stability and Reliability: Goldshell is famous for its commitment to exceptional, and the Mini Doge II 420Mh/s isn’t an exception. Built with sturdy additives and advanced cooling mechanisms, this miner grants great balance and reliability, making sure uninterrupted mining operations and stronger longevity.
  5. Support and Community: Goldshell values its clients and presents complete guidance and assistance. Whether you have technical queries, require troubleshooting guidance, or are trying to find mining optimization guidelines, the Goldshell network and help crew are there to help you alongside your mining journey.

Enhancing Your Mining Experience with the Mini Doge II 420Mh/s

The Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s opens up exciting possibilities for both pro miners and inexperienced persons alike.

With its excessive hash rate and green electricity intake, this ASIC miner enables you to mine Dogecoin with extra profitability.

By leveraging its compact design and user-pleasant interface, you may install and control your mining operations simply.

Furthermore, the steadiness and reliability of the Mini Doge II 420Mh/s ensure that you can mine Dogecoin continually,

maximizing your income potential. With the assistance and vibrant network supplied by way of Goldshell,

you can connect to fellow miners, percentage insights, and live up to date with the brand new developments in the world of cryptocurrency mining.


The Mini Doge II 420Mh/s is an effective and green ASIC miner that empowers cryptocurrency enthusiasts to

mine Dogecoin with the highest quality overall performance and profitability. With its excessive hash rate, green power intake,

and person-pleasant design, this miner offers a precious solution for those looking to enter or extend their presence in the international of virtual currency mining.

Invest inside the Goldshell Mini Doge II 420Mh/s and unleash its ability to revolutionize your mining experience.

Join the ranks of successful Dogecoin miners and embark on a profitable journey inside the fascinating realm of cryptocurrency.

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