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Whatsminer M20s Price, Asic Whatsminer M20s seventieth/s, born in August 2019, BTC/BCH, SHA-256 algorithm, most hash rate is sixty-five-70Th/s, power intake is 3360W. The complete system’s naked size is 130*220*390mm, the burden of the machine without packaging is 12.5Kg, using a TSMC chip, at once related to the Ethernet for operation, may be very handy, and the system is appropriate for use temperatures of -five-40°C, after trying out, the noise decibel of the gadget is 75db, in step with the stipulated noise variety, It is secure to apply.


ModelWhatsminer M20S

Hashrate, TH/s65Th/s 68Th/s 70Th/s




Noise stage75db

ReleaseAugust 2019


Whatsminer M20s Price, Asic Whatsminer M20s 70th/s, born in August 2019, BTC/BCH, SHA-256 set of rules, most hash rate is 65-70Th/s, energy consumption is 3360W. The complete device’s naked length is one hundred thirty*220*390mm, the burden of the system without packaging is 12.5Kg, the usage of a TSMC chip, directly related to the Ethernet for operation, could be very convenient, and the gadget is appropriate for use temperature of -five-40°C, after trying out, the noise decibel of the machine is 75db, in keeping with the stipulated noise variety, It is secure to use.

Specifications of Whatsminer M20s

ManufacturerMicroBTModelWhatsminer M20SReleaseAugust 2019Size130 x 220 x 390mmWeight12500gChip nameTSMCHashrate65Th/s 68Th/s 70Th/sNoise level75dbFan(s)2Power3360WVoltage12VInterfaceEthernetTemperature-5 – forty °CHumidity5 – ninety five %

The Whatsminer M20s Miner is a famous ASIC miner designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm, inclusive of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. It is manufactured via MicroBT, a corporation that specializes in producing high-performance ASIC miners for the cryptocurrency mining marketplace. In this introduction, we can offer an outline of the Whatsminer M20s Miner, together with its functions, specs, and performance.


The Whatsminer M20s Miner is a powerful miner that uses the SHA-256 set of rules to mine cryptocurrencies. It has a hash rate of sixty-eight TH/s, making it one of the most effective ASIC miners on the market. The miner is designed to be green, with a power intake of the handiest forty-eight W/T, which is pretty low in comparison to different ASIC miners in its magnificence.

The Whatsminer M20s Miner is constructed with exceptional components, which include ASIC chips manufactured via Samsung, which can be acknowledged for their high overall performance and sturdiness. The miner additionally capabilities a twin-fan layout, which allows you to keep the miner cool and saves you from overheating.


The Whatsminer M20s Miner is full of capabilities that make it an exceptional choice for cryptocurrency miners. One of the most amazing features is its excessive hash rate of sixty-eight TH/s. This way the miner can remedy complicated mathematical problems at an excessive speed, making it greater green at mining cryptocurrencies.

Another characteristic of the Whatsminer M20s Miner is its low strength intake of 48 W/T. This makes the miner more energy-green than other ASIC miners in its magnificence, which can devour tons more electricity. The low power consumption also manner that the miner produces much less warmness, which facilitates to increase in the lifespan of the miner.

The Whatsminer M20s Miner also functions with a twin-fan design, which facilitates holding the miner cool and saves you from overheating. The lovers are designed to operate quietly, and because of this, the miner can be utilized in residential or commercial environments without causing too much noise.


The Whatsminer M20s Miner has the following specs:

Hashrate: sixty-eight TH/s

Power intake: forty-eight W/T

Power delivery: 220V

ASIC chips: Samsung 10nm ASIC chips

Dimensions: 130 x 220 x 390mm

Weight: 12.5 kg

The miner is like-minded with a lot of mining software programs, such as CGminer, BFGminer, and Easyminer. It additionally supports mining pools inclusive of Slush Pool, Antpool, and F2Pool.


The Whatsminer M20s Miner is thought for its high overall performance and efficiency. With a hash rate of sixty-eight TH/s, the miner can mine cryptocurrencies at an excessive pace, making it greater efficient at mining than different ASIC miners in its class.

The miner’s low electricity intake of 48 W/T also contributes to its overall performance and performance. By eating less power,

the miner can perform greater efficaciously and bring much less warmth, which helps to increase the lifespan of the miner.

The dual-fan layout of the Whatsminer M20s Miner additionally allows it to improve its performance. By keeping the miner cool and stopping overheating, the miner can function more correctly and produce more steady consequences.


The Whatsminer M20s Miner is an effective and green ASIC miner that is designed for mining cryptocurrencies that use the SHA-256 algorithm. With a hash rate of 68 TH/s and energy consumption of the best 48 W/T, the miner is capable of mining cryptocurrencies at a very excessive pace, even as additionally being energy-green and generating less warmth. The miner’s twin-fan layout additionally enables it to enhance its overall performance by preserving the miner’s coolness and stopping overheating. Overall, the Whatsminer M20s Miner is a first-rate Mining device.

Whatsminer M20S Handling Precautions

Whatsminer m20s for sale, Before running MicroBT whatsminer M20s, the strength twine and connect the board wires. The fan cable should be connected correctly. If the system components due to a wrong cable connection are damaged, the gadget isn’t inside the scope of a warranty.

When you join the manipulated board cable, the buckle must correspond to the correct position, and the plug of the cable cannot be inserted into the socket within the opposite route, otherwise, it may cause damage to the control board.

Before the mining system is running, it’s necessary to shake the mining system in step with the caution symptoms on the facet of the mining device. The reason for this is to check whether different parts are falling off. Before the electricity is powered on, it is necessary to ensure the strong installation of the heat sink or different elements.

The electricity manipulation line between the power supply and the management board should be linked stably, in any other case,

the strength of the hash board can be low due to the not able to control the solid output of the voltage.

The Whatsminer M20 worthwhile is properly. If you need to buy an M20S Miner, please contact us, and we will be able to come up with a great offer.


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